Flex Line Machine Tool with Robotic Automation

Bardons & Oliver’s RH Flex Line provides flexibility when pair with Fanuc Robotics. As a Fanuc Robotics Integrator, we’re capable of providing a tailored system for specific requirements.  Our equipment reduces operating costs and is capable of running unattended for hours.  Whether you’re processing straight cut-offs or cut-offs with chamfers and bores, the Flex Line is an excellent machine to give your company the competitive advantage.  Bardons & Oliver’s Flex Line offers the largest thru bore options in the industry.  Our through bores range from 4.50” up to 13.00” and can process tubing as small as .625” and up to 13.00” with varying wall thicknesses.

Contact one of our Sales Team Members about this system along with one of many other systems B&O has to offer.


RH700 Flex Cell System


RH700 Flex Cell with Fanuc Robot Model R-1000iA


We’re Building another Machine Tool!

Bardons & Oliver is currently building a machine tool specifically for the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder market. One of our many customers producing hydraulic cylinders purchased a B&O 2SC-850 fully automated CNC Machining System.  The machines highlights include a Fanuc CNC Control, a Renishaw probe system, live tooling with thru-tool coolant, and large capacity thru bore (8.50” diameter).  The spindle system boasts 1,600 maximum rpm and 50 max horsepower spindle motor.

Included is a fully automatic material handling system for the raw material and finished parts. Material and part contact surfaces contain our Non-Mar Technology to protect material from scratching, scoring and denting.  Contact one of our Sales Team Members about this system along with one of many other systems B&O has to offer.

Machine Base

B&O Machine Base and Bedways being assembled


Spindle, Turret and Machine Guarding during assembly


B&O’s Unloader System pared with B&O 2SC-850 Machine


Assembled Turret with an SMW Autoblok Chuck mounted to the B&O Spindle


Fanuc 32i-Model B CNC Control


B&O Automatic Material Handling Table System during assembly


B&O Automatic Material Handling Table System with Gudel Pusher/Gripper Servo Controlled Rail System fully assembled



View of B&O’s Material Handling Table’s Vee-rolls and Steady Rests

Bardons & Oliver – Newest Rotating Head Machine – RH450HP

Bardons & Oliver is excited to announce our newest addition to the Rotating Head Series Cut-off Systems. B&O’s RH450HP Rotating Head Cut-off Lathe is a completely new machine built for small, lightweight, extremely FAST tube processing.  Designed specifically for thin wall tubing ranging from .028” (.71mm) to .312” (7.94mm) wall thickness, tubing diameters from .750” (19.05mm) up to 4.500” (114.3mm) diameter.  Our integrated material handling system includes a fully automatic raw material bundler/unscrambler loading table.  Cycle times ranging from 6 to 8 seconds part to part.  With full wrap work holding, the machine will not deform tubing, providing clean cutoff parts with nearly zero kerf by utilizing 3mm cut-off blades to minimize material loss.

When paired with our high-speed double end fully automatic chamfer system, it’s capable of both OD and ID chamfers on both tube ends resulting in concentric chamfers.  Add a fully automated robotic unloading with a palletize system, B&O’s newest machine will minimize operator intervention, thus reducing labor costs.  Please contact any one of our Sales Team Members for additional details and machine capabilities.FullSizeRender


Manufacturing Day 2015 Portfolio


Manufacturing Day 2015

Today is Manufacturing Day 2015.

We here at Bardons & Oliver join the rest of the manufacturing community in celebrating what we do, the products we create, the processes we use and — most importantly, our employees — the people who do the work.

Today, we are also hoping to dispel some myths often held by those outside manufacturing — that manufacturing is:

  • A dead-end job with no future;
  • A dirty job
  • For people who couldn’t get into college and
  • A low-paying career

Watch our videos, read our posts and take a look at our photos.  You’ll learn that manufacturing in general — and Bardons & Oliver in particular — have a lot more going for them than you knew.

(To see our projects, click here.  To visit our website, click here.)

single tep

Our TEP-300 – Boiler Tubes R Us

The TEP machine was originally designed to meet the needs of boilermakers, by providing functionality for boiler tube processing. We began producing turning systems for this use in the 1960s. Bardons & Oliver has done installations of boiler tube systems in factories around the world. Of late, this has been especially significant in India’s power generation sector, which is growing thanks to an expanded demand for electricity — expected to cross 950,000 mW by 2030.

The TEP machines can be created standalone, or designed “head-to-head” (machines opposing each other to pass long tubes from one machine to the next, efficiently and effortlessly) as illustrated below.

TEP Machines, head-to-head

This system’s two machines and handling equipment can run in-tandem as one unit or independently. Dual-processor CNC controls offer custom screens, which let the user change over from size to size, prep to prep. The system can process long tubes on each end without turning the material. These same tubes can be processed into stub up lengths down to 50mm.

The TEP-300/350BB systems handle stock at lengths between 4 meters and 20 meters and can output stock at the same size. Pipe is handled by CNC controlled, servo driven rack and pinion tube positioning for consistent and accurate lengths. Precision machining is completed by heavy duty, servo ball screw driven slides.

Single-Head Configuration

Our systems also can be configured singly (see below), with the option of a “left-hand” or “right-hand” model. Incoming lengths on single-head configurations run between 3 meters and 16 meters; outgoing finished lengths run between 50mm and 3 meters, unloaded to our discharge tables.

Singe-Head TEP

The primary use for a single-head machine is to cut loose tubes (stub ups) for end product welding. With use of the rear backstop or front stock stop, long tubes can be machined, cut to length and finished parts discharged into unload racks.

What makes Bardons & Oliver different?

Our solutions aren’t “out of the box, one size fits all”. We design our systems to meet your process needs. Bardons & Oliver supplies a fully integrated system, including machine and handling equipment for the input (loading) of raw material as well as the output (unloading) of finished product. Bardons & Oliver is a single source supplier of a “turnkey” system.

Bardons and Oliver’s past and present work on behalf of many producers in the boiler tube industry means we understand what is trying to be accomplished, and can work with your company to provide a cost effective, efficient system.

Along with the quality that 120 years of machine tool building brings, Bardons & Oliver, an employee owned company with ISO 9001:2008 with Design certification, is committed to continuous improvement in designing, manufacturing, and delivering high quality products that meet or exceed the expectations of both its employees and our customers. Our products are known for:

  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Maintainability
  • High Productivity
  • Ease of Integration

Bardons & Oliver also provides top-notch world-class, proven technical support, including manufacture and stocking replacement parts.

Contact us to learn more about the TEP300/350BB systems and how they can help your boiler tube business grow with the market.


Robotics and Automation and B&O Machine Tools = A Winning Combination!

Meet Bob, our robot employee — a Fanuc robot which is an integral part of a Bardons & Oliver automated machine tool system!

We designed a system that includes a Fanuc robot factory automation cell.  This cell runs unmanned, handling several hundred parts per 8 hour shift.

Layout, integration, software development and installation were completed by the Bardons & Oliver Company. The robot-driven automation cell unloads and palletizes finished parts produced by a pair of Bardons & Oliver hydraulic cylinder tube manufacturing machines.

Click on the “Our Website” link above to learn more about Bardons & Oliver machine tools and systems.


One Singulating Sensation!

Singulating Conveyors: All-around Protection for Chromed Materials and Parts

One of the areas where Bardons & Oliver stands out from the crowd is in implementation of material handling with our machines.

Our solutions aren’t “one size fits all”. They can vary by material, by size or by type. As an example, B&O has designed specific handling systems for our machines that create chrome parts, often used by our customers who manufacture hydraulic cylinders. To ensure a complete seal, the rods need to be handled separately; even small chips or nicks on the chromed surfaces can make the finished part useless.

Special handling begins in our machines:

rod in spindle

UHMW elements handle part movement from spindle to conveyor

The vee pads (see item 103 on the drawing below) of the singulating conveyors which come in contact with chrome are made of ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene.

Singulating Conveyor Drawing

Additional features include:

  • Adaptability – Systems are designed for specific part sizes. In the case of the drawing, this particular system is designed for 0.75”-3.50” OD parts, 6”-180” long. Systems which handle a longer part and/or one with a larger OD can also be created.
  • Accuracy – An AC Motor controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive provides exactitude in Vee-Pad motion position and speed control.
  • Capacity – A standard unit will hold up to 18 singulated parts.

Singulated table

Singulated table with parts

Singulated table with parts

These parts are moved from the table (above) to pallets (below). While our systems currently in the field use manual transfer to move parts from one to the other, the unit can be interfaced with additional conveying systems or Robotics/Automation.

Pallets of finished parts

Pallets of finished parts

What can we do for you?

To learn more about our machines and materials handling (including engineering and adding onload and offload systems to machines from other manufacturers), contact our sales department at www.bardonsoliver.com/contact.html or by telephone at 440.498.5800.

2015 Heath Oliver Award presented to Jerry Kelsheimer of 5/3 Bank

Jerry Kelsheimer, CEO & President of Fifth Third Bank

The Heath Oliver Distinguished Director Award, created by Cuyahoga Communit College in honor of Bardons & Oliver’s longtime president, who was also a board member of Tri-C, was presented to Jerry Kelsheimer of President and CEO of Fifth Third Bank.

Mr. Kelsheimer joined the foundation’s board in 2003 “and has dedicated himself to making higher education accessible to Greater Cleveland residents,” according to a Tri-C news release announcing the award.

He “has been a strong supporter of the foundation’s annual Presidential Scholarship Luncheon and taken an active role on the foundation board, serving as chairperson from 2006 to 2010 and on the Executive Committee since 2005,” according to the release.

Bardons & Oliver joins in congratulating Mr. Kelsheimer for his contributions to higher education.


Our #316 ACL is Back to the Future


Bardons and Oliver has begun the assembly process for two state-of-the-art 16-inch cutoff machines.

The B&O #316 ACL is designed for mill finishing lines, where efficiency, productivity and yield play an important role. These are massive, 75,000-lb. (34000kg) machines for cutting materials from 5-in (127 mm) to 16-in (404mm). Product Manager Vernon Fabry says they “rely on age-old technology for durability and the latest technology for efficiency.”

The 2015 version includes:

  • 6,600-lb. (2994kg) range chucks; three sets of jaws cover the full diameter range of the machine.
  • Independent servo, ball-screw driven slides; these allow for a “pecking cycle” to mechanically break chips
  • Quick change cutoff and chamfer units; these allow automatic tool change capabilities with the use of ATC carousels with HMI interface
  • Laser tracking of pipe position for consistent crop lengths and maximum pipe yield
  • OD/ID chamfer tool setting – this was once a manual operation, and now is servo-controlled.
  • The tool tip relationship to the tracking roller is now automatically adjusted for reduced setup time

Other features include:

  • Machine height adjustment with auxiliary feedback
  • Hydraulic clamping for added machine stability
  • High-pressure coolant
  • Machine guarding for today’s safety requirements.

Meeting API Requirements

Bardons & Oliver has adapted to the changing API standards offering auxiliary slides mounted on the main cutoff units. These retractable slides provide for the traditional crop cut allowing the main cutoff tooling to produce hardness test rings. To maintain productivity and safety a part unloading system has been integrated into the process. A difficult retrieval activity has now been automated to bring the sample part away from the machining envelop using an overhead mounted pickoff arm and via conveyor brought to the operator in a safe location.

Improve Your Process with Bardons & Oliver

Bardons & Oliver has engineered and built work rotating, heavy duty cutoff lathes for seamless and welded pipe mills throughout the world since 1920. Our machines have satisfied the special manufacturing requirements in the production of line pipe as well as casing, tubing and coupling cutoff. Our innovative engineering concepts, attention to quality and unparalleled expertise in design, manufacture and operation of mill-style equipment, including pipe handling tables, assures years of dependable service in the most severe of operation conditions. Email Vernon Fabry or visit our website at http://www.bardonsoliver.com.


What’s faster than a spinning v-roll?

Many things go into the efficiency of a rotating-head system. There’s the cycle time of the machine itself. There’s the speed at which finished parts are handled and offloaded. Then, there’s how quickly raw materials are loaded onto the material handling tables and moved to the machine.

Many of Bardons & Oliver’s machines have offloading tables with v-rolls (see below).


But a new system being created for a major OCTG supplier to handle large tubes has a different type of roller. These belt conveyors contribute to the efficiency of our machine in a big way.

belt conveyors

Features include:

  • Speed: 600 feet/minute for smallest parts – larger sizes will reduce the speed somewhat. (Ordinary v-rolls move at 120 feet/minute.)
  • Less slippage allows for greater positioning accuracy and safety. It also allows for faster acceleration and deceleration rates, reducing overall material handling time.
  • belt conveyors with pipe

  • Tables are more cost-efficient to build. Each v-roll needs a motor to run it. The belt conveyor is equivalent to driving two rollers with a single motor. This means you only require half the motors, compared to a v-roll style table.

In the case of our current machine, we were able to match our conveyors to an existing system the customer had in-house.

Bardons & Oliver’s machines implement onloading and offloading systems engineered for our customer’s raw material loading and parts offloading requirements. We also design and implement material handling systems for other machines — including robotics, if our customers need them.

Contact us to learn more about how we can bring efficiency to your manufacturing process.


Bardons & Oliver’s ISO 9001:2008 with design Certification is Renewed

Bardons & Oliver first obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2002. Recently, our certificate came up for renewal and after an audit by Smithers Quality Assessments (www.smithersregistrar.com), it was determined that we have been renewed in our ISO 9001:2008 with Design certification through 2017.

What is ISO?

ISO is the International Standards Organization. They develop voluntary standards for the world’s companies. This ensures coordination of standards for quality around the world.

While ISO standards work to ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality, they are for more than manufacturing. Businesses which provide other services or which sell products, also use them by building quality systems in their organizations which help avoid loss and errors, as well as increasing productivity.

Our certificate (viewable by clicking on the ISO badge on our website’s home page) covers:

“The design, fabrication, manufacture and assembly of precision machine tools and machining of sub-contract component parts”

We’re proud to show our continuing commitment to manufacturing quality products worthy of the Bardons & Oliver tradition. Contact one of our sales or management personnel at 440-498-5800 to find out how we can provide that same quality to you and your company.


Bardons & Oliver Welcomes Jon Beattie to the Team

Jon Beattie

We are proud to welcome new team member Jon Beattie. Jon has joined Bardons & Oliver, Inc. to further develop our presence in the Mid-west.

Jon has assumed the role of our Mid-West Regional Business Development Sales Executive to continue Bardons & Oliver’s sales and service offerings to customers in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Michigan. He graduated from Purdue with a BS in Selling and Sales Management and from Indiana Wesleyan with an MBA in Applied Management.

Jon comes to Bardons & Oliver from OfficeScape in West Lafayette, Indiana, with experience in domestic and international sales development.

Bardons & Oliver’s Tom Van Horne said “As an established, long-term company, Bardons & Oliver, Inc. has a reputation for providing innovative products and exceptional customer service. We are pleased to have a sales executive of Jon’s caliber to fill this role for us and I’m confident that he will not only continue, but also extend our tradition, as he represents Bardons & Oliver in to our Mid-West customers.”


Bardons & Oliver’s November ‘Jeans For Charity’ Kicks Off This Week


Each quarter, Bardons & Oliver supports local charities by having “Jeans Friday”. We choose a local charity and all moneys raised are donated to that charity. Employees can wear jeans on Fridays by donating to the cause. Past charities have included the Salvation Army, Solon’s food bank and the Cancer Society.

This quarter, our charity is the American Heart Association’s “Great Rivers” Cleveland, Ohio chapter. Thanks to our employees who participate — you help make a difference in our community.

SC-1004 Threading System

Bardons & Oliver ships new threading system

system with customer and our sales engineers

Bardons & Oliver is pleased to announce the completion of a new SC-1004 double-ended threading system for Western Pipe of Hueytown, Alabama. Their President, Fred Campbell, came to our plant to view Western’s newest addition to their capabilities.

The SC-1004 has dual material handling systems, allowing pipe finished on one end to be held for inspection and transferred across to the second machine for finishing on the other end, without requiring turning. The tables can hold multiple pipes at one time.

To see more pictures of this threading system and its components, click on the image above.


Bardons & Oliver has an article in AMT India’s first newsletter

The Association for Manufacturing Technology’s (AMT) represents and promotes U.S.-based manufacturing technology and its members—those who design, build, sell, and service the continuously evolving technology that lies at the heart of manufacturing.

In addition, AMT has Tech Centers and Representative Offices in China, India, Poland, Brazil and Mexico provide assistance to AMT members.

AMT’s tech center in India has launched a newsletter for its members. Included in its initial edition is an article on Bardons & Oliver’s Rotating Head machines and their use for conveyor component manufacture. Click on the image above to read the newsletter — our article is on page 3.


Team Bardons & Oliver Among Top Fundraisers for TourDeCure, Northeastern Ohio


The TourDeCure is held every year at this time by the Diabetes Association in order to raise funds to support diabetes care and research in Northeastern Ohio.

Bardons & Oliver sent a team of twelve bikers to participate, and also ranked third among Corporate Teams, raising just over our goal of $5,000. Our Team Captain was Brett Baldi, Vice President of Operations.

Congratulations to Team Bardons & Oliver for a job well done, and a big “thank you” to those who supported them with donations.

To learn more, visit the Tour De Cure website.


Bardons & Oliver Honored as one of 101 Leading Mid-Sized Companies in Northeast Ohio


Every year, Smart Business Magazine highlights companies generating great economic value for the Northeast Ohio region. The magazine believes that midsized companies are the backbone of our regional economy. Criteria for consideration include earnings and compensation, spending with local vendors, philanthropy, job creation and percentage of sales outside the region.

Bardons & Oliver was among the 2013 Leading EDGE Honored Companies recognized at the annual dinner and program on May 23 at Lorain Community College.

To read more, visit Smart Business Magazine’s June 2013 issue.

To learn more about EDGE, click here.