Our #316 ACL is Back to the Future


Bardons and Oliver has begun the assembly process for two state-of-the-art 16-inch cutoff machines.

The B&O #316 ACL is designed for mill finishing lines, where efficiency, productivity and yield play an important role. These are massive, 75,000-lb. (34000kg) machines for cutting materials from 5-in (127 mm) to 16-in (404mm). Product Manager Vernon Fabry says they “rely on age-old technology for durability and the latest technology for efficiency.”

The 2015 version includes:

  • 6,600-lb. (2994kg) range chucks; three sets of jaws cover the full diameter range of the machine.
  • Independent servo, ball-screw driven slides; these allow for a “pecking cycle” to mechanically break chips
  • Quick change cutoff and chamfer units; these allow automatic tool change capabilities with the use of ATC carousels with HMI interface
  • Laser tracking of pipe position for consistent crop lengths and maximum pipe yield
  • OD/ID chamfer tool setting – this was once a manual operation, and now is servo-controlled.
  • The tool tip relationship to the tracking roller is now automatically adjusted for reduced setup time

Other features include:

  • Machine height adjustment with auxiliary feedback
  • Hydraulic clamping for added machine stability
  • High-pressure coolant
  • Machine guarding for today’s safety requirements.

Meeting API Requirements

Bardons & Oliver has adapted to the changing API standards offering auxiliary slides mounted on the main cutoff units. These retractable slides provide for the traditional crop cut allowing the main cutoff tooling to produce hardness test rings. To maintain productivity and safety a part unloading system has been integrated into the process. A difficult retrieval activity has now been automated to bring the sample part away from the machining envelop using an overhead mounted pickoff arm and via conveyor brought to the operator in a safe location.

Improve Your Process with Bardons & Oliver

Bardons & Oliver has engineered and built work rotating, heavy duty cutoff lathes for seamless and welded pipe mills throughout the world since 1920. Our machines have satisfied the special manufacturing requirements in the production of line pipe as well as casing, tubing and coupling cutoff. Our innovative engineering concepts, attention to quality and unparalleled expertise in design, manufacture and operation of mill-style equipment, including pipe handling tables, assures years of dependable service in the most severe of operation conditions. Email Vernon Fabry or visit our website at

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