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Products to be manufactured — especially in a shop that makes machine tools and parts — don’t simply happen.  They require a person to create the structure and form of the product.  At Bardons & Oliver, our engineers and our project development manager, Bryan Sexton, are responsible for moving from concept to finished design.


Brian Sexton, B&O Project Development Manager

How long have you been with Bardons & Oliver?

A little over ten years.

What did you start out as?

I was officially an engineer when I began; I eventually was promoted to my present position.

What kind of education did you need to do what you do?

I have a BSME from the University of Akron.

Have you always designed machines?

Yes.  My previous job was in the vinyl windows industry.  Even there, I designed machines that my employer created, sold and sent out.

What would you tell someone who might be considering a career like yours to study to prepare themselves?

Math, certainly, and physics.

What do you find exciting about your job?

Taking a concept, an idea, and turning into something real, that people will use in their own business.  On the project I’m currently working on, a customer came to us with a need, to be able to cut thin-walled pipe with a relatively short cycle time.


A customer’s problem …

We’ve been able to design a machine to do that, and with the customer’s input, we hope to make it a reality soon.


… we’re working on a solution.

What software do you use to design?

Autodesk Inventor.

What do you like best about working at Bardons & Oliver?

The people.  Having great co-workers makes all the difference.

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