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4-Axis Disc Lathes


The Bardons & Oliver 4-Axis CNC Disc Lathe is configured with traditional heavy-duty Bardons & Oliver machine base and turrets to maximize rigidity and minimize vibration. The Disc Lathe allows both sides of a disk-shaped workpiece to be turned simultaneously. Size capacity of the Disc Lathe ranges from a part OD of 5.00" to 42.00". By placing the two cutting tools directly opposite from each other, there is no part deflection during the cutting process. Not only does this facilitate very efficient cutting, it allows the machining of extremely thin-section discs without deflection or distortion. Workholding for the Disc Lathe consists of a spindle-mounted mandrel that is supported by an out-board tailstock. Typical customer applications include brake discs, diaphragm couplings, and railroad wheels.

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